A Thank You to All Chaperone K9’s Followers around the World


I wanted to send a thank you message to all of our clients, and loyal followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Chaperone K9 ltd had a fantastic year last year supplying and training personal protection dogs and family protection dogs to clients all over the UK and the World.

We owe much of our success to you guys and we thank you for your continued support and custom. Not to mention the talented, dedicated and hardworking team we have here at Chaperone K9 ltd. These guys are first and foremost dog lovers which is why we have been so successful. The Chaperone K9 ltd team always put the needs of our dogs and clients first and testament to this fact is the high number of referrals we have had to supply four legged k9 body Guards.

The UK market has seen a growth in companies supplying personal protection dogs and I only see this as positive. As it allows for you the customer to have a wider range of choice in dogs and partners, and only by doing your own research and visiting these companies can you determine what is best for you and your family. The most important advice I can give you when looking at the purchase of a Personal Protection dog is to visit the training facilities, see how the company looks after the welfare of their dog. Talk through with them their training principles and methods and ask them to explain to you the whole process of buying a protection dog and the ongoing training required.

Ask to see demonstrations of the dogs doing obedience both on and off lead and with distraction, look at how the dogs are being instructed. Are they being shouted at to perform tasks? Ask yourself if this is how you would feel comfortable working the dog? Are they easy to control? Do they respond to quiet concise commands? The Protection work is also another area to closely consider, can the dog show aggression as a deterrent without the need for the aggressor to shout at them and show obvious aggression? Once the dogs bites how easily and quickly does the dog come off when instructed? Is this only verbal or do the handlers have to physically remove the dog from the bite?

A little competition never hurt anyone and we welcome the challenge as it makes us want to continually develop, keeping us at the top of our game. We are not arrogant enough to think we are the only good dog trainers out there. In fact there are plenty which is great for you, your family pets and the overall welfare of dogs. We certainly wouldn’t go round saying “anything but a Chaperone K9 is a compromise”. I would ask myself why someone would spend so much time trying to undermine other companies rather than selling on the merits of their own? The standard of your dogs, trainers and training facilities should speak volumes for themselves.
Dogs are living, breathing animals who require love, care, attention, positive training and leadership. They are not robots so challenges may present themselves along the way, it’s how a company deals with these challenges and how responsive they are that sets them apart from the rest, which is why the Chaperone K9 team are always on hand for our clients no matter the time or day.. Anyone who would like to come and meet with us to see what we do is always welcome. And if we don’t have what you are looking for we are always happy to help you find your perfect companion even if it’s elsewhere.

Thank you for your time.
Kind regards Richard
(very proud) Managing Director of Chaperone K9.


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