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One of the best things about working at Chaperone K9 is meeting great people who love dogs just as much as us. Sheena is Group secretary at the young Poineers charity, and they would like us to source and train dogs specifically for their needs. If their current dog Gandalf is anything to go by this is no small order!!

Sheen wrote;

Gandalf started working with young people completely by accident, when we noticed that some of the more vulnerable ones gravitated to him and he to them, he would sit by them and allow them to hug him, he would walk next to them and if they showed any kind of fear he would simply stand in front of them between the child and the reason for the child’s fear.

He has been a support for many of our young people giving them confidence to go out of the house and talk to people.  He is also a fantastic and very loved family member and of course he has all the traits of the Pry he is a stubborn as a mule if he does not want to do something he becomes heavier than an elephant.

The award he is nominated for is the Animal Hero’s 2014 to be televised on the 26th November 2014.  We are hoping to fundraise now for several dogs to follow in Gandalf’s footprints who will be trained to work with young people and become their support to enable them to overcome their adversity be successful and lead change.  The Day Sanctuary where young people can come for 1 day a week will be in the UK, and the long term Sanctuary will be in France, so that we can give them security and take them away from social media and their environments.

We aim to do 2 things firstly help young people overcome their adversity and secondly take dogs and train them to work with young people in this way the child learns how to look after another being and have responsibility for their wellbeing.  They will learn how to have a calm approach, patience with training, grooming and food needs, together they will overcome fears and be successful.

You can visit www.ypsancturay.org to see the sites we are looking at in both France and Portugal

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