How a Personal Protection Dog Doubles Up as a Friendly Family Companion


Personal protection dogs are invaluable for helping you protect your home and your family. Unlike passive alarm systems, dogs are able to use their senses to detect threats and discern harmless visitors from those with bad intent. Long have man and dog coexisted, with man relying on the intuition and heightened senses of his canine companion. Personal protection dogs are more than just workers, however; they can be a deeply loved member of your family as well and are trained with that in mind.

Are Personal Protection Dogs Different from Ordinary Dogs?

Protection dogs are just like their “civilian” counterparts in many ways. They love to play, exercise and spend time and bond with their family. On the other hand, they are more than a dog; they are a highly trained professional that is fully dedicated to keeping you and yours safe. You can expect obedience, loyalty and dedication. All they ask in return is love and care, just like any other dog.

Will My Dog be Socialised?

Before your new companion arrives at your home, it has undergone rigorous training and socialisation. A well socialised dog is better able to handle new situations in a calm and relaxed manner. Chaperone K9 dogs spend time around livestock, cats, other dogs, various small pets and small children. They learn how to react and respond to these different stimuli in the correct way so you can feel confident your dog will behave appropriately when confronted with a new animal or child.

How Will It Act in New Surroundings?

To ensure the transition to its new home goes smoothly, your personal protection dog is trained to handle real world situations, such as the busyness of a park, school or road. A dog that has been exposed to these situations can draw on its previous experience and is less likely to be concerned over busy areas, loud noises or other common distractions it might encounter outside the home. This is essential for helping it settle into its new life and surroundings with ease.

If you can think of your new dog as a trusted and loyal companion that is also highly trained to provide you with protection, you can reap the many rewards of having a personal protection dog as part of your family. With comprehensive training and socialisation, man’s best friend can also be one of his best forms of defence and security.


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