Why Personal Protection Dogs are the best form of modern security


In a world that can explode with sudden, unwanted invasions and violence, many are looking for ways to safeguard property and loved ones. A dog can be an excellent solution for protecting the home, business and family. But this option only works if you know how to go about finding the right canine.

Current Criminality

According to the Crime Survey for England and Wales, the 12 months ended June 2013 saw close to 8.5 million reports of adults and households criminally victimised. An additional 0.8 million crimes are on record where the victims are children. Theft and sexual offences were up, eight and nine percent, respectively. These overall crimes numbers are actually a drop of seven percent over the previous year but are still unsettling.

The benefits of a Protection Dog

People are turning to sophisticated systems and firearms to deter criminals. They both come with risks. Criminals have gotten past the best security systems and, once they do, what alternatives does the victim have? Firearms certainly provide a level of protection, but are equally dangerous and in most countries the law restricts the owning and use of them. The adrenaline rush during a critical situation often results in disaster. There are many incidents of accidental shootings and reports of gun owners harming the wrong person in darkened environments, many of them children. There are laws that require gun owners keep firearms locked away. How does a locked, likely unloaded, weapon help when you need it immediately?

As standard personal protection dogs are specially trained to perform under duress. They will not make the mistakes, someone fumbling in the dark with a loaded firearm might. Protection dogs are trained to respond to threats. They function on recognition and command. With their natural and heightened senses, these animals will not end up attacking the wrong person. They will react accordingly if their owner, family member or personal property is threatened.

Choosing a Protection Dog

Most of us are under the impression buying a certain breed of dog increases our security. While dogs in general are capable of guard duty, most will react instinctively when threatened. Like humans, self preservation could kick in and they may run.

A protection dog is rigorously trained to deal with specific circumstances. A trained dog will not be intimidated by threat. They do not bow to pressure and, like a law enforcement official, will take control in high anxiety situations like car jackings, muggings and intrusions. These animals can be utilised in the home, office, retail, warehouse and park, given commands and understandings of who is in charge and should be listened to.

A trained canine will breed confidence in owners that know the protection dog will always do the right thing the right way at the right time.Chaperone K9 are happy to assist in answering any questions about personal protection dogs and how they can settle into your family environment.

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