Richard Douglas Director / Head Trainer

Even in my childhood I knew I was destined to have a career involving dogs.

As soon as I was old enough I became a Voluntary worker at a Boarding and Rescue Kennels in Nottinghamshire.

Later I was employed by Desa Dogs Worldwide a company which trained up to 90 dogs at anytime for the police and military forces of the UK and USA. This experience gave me the Knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage and train large, fit and active working dogs.

In 2006 Desa Dogs Worldwide ceased trading and I moved to a dog training company called A1 K9 in Wales to further my career. For the next four and a half years I was increasingly involved in all aspects of the company’s work. Ultimately I took lead responsibility for the day to day training of all the dogs as well as leading and managing the staff.

A new Chapter in my career began in 2010 when I had the opportunity to jointly start a new dog training business in partnership with Richard Osborn and beautiful partner Debbie Whitley.

This was the fulfilment of a long held dream to create a unique company that could train first rate protection dogs who would also make ideal family companions.
Recently I have also entered the Dog Sport IPO/Schutzhund and in 2012 qualified as part of the British Team for the IPO World Championships in Hungary. Hopefully I will again make the team with my young prospect Blade z Erisedu.

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