Personal Protection Dogs

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Chaperone K9 produce the best in home entertainment and security systems. A Chaperone K9 is first and foremost a family pet. The attributes of a good family member is a dog that is well balanced, highly social and responds, without exception, to commands from their owners.

Our personal protection dogs are not your stereotypical guard dog. Our dogs can be walked in public, exercised with other dogs and can live happily with other house hold family pets. A Chaperone K9 is trained to be taken anywhere your family chose to go. Our extensive training programme puts great emphasis on conditioning our dogs in all manner of social situations so you don’t have to worry about taking your dog to pubs, restaurants, sporting events or taking them to collect the children from school. After all you are buying a “Personal Protection” dog and therefore need to be able to take the dog anywhere you go.

ALL Chaperone K9’s are house trained and will have been raised in a family home. As part of our training regime each dog will have spent quality time in a home learning good manners and house rules so that the transition to their new family home is a positive one for both dog and their new family.

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Chaperone K9 offer two distinct levels of Personal Protection dog, a Family Protection dog and a Premiership Protection dog. These are best shown in the demonstration videos we have of each classification. Within these classifications we also discuss with our clients any specific requirements outside of what the dogs have been trained to do so that we can fully tailor your new K9 Protector to your exact needs. Please read a client testimonial from Andy Rooprai, co-founder of The Rooprai Spinal Trust highlighting this point. We pride ourselves on providing highly trained and exceptionally obedient dogs to our clients that will follow THEIR commands without exception. Chaperone K9 strongly believe that there is no point in providing a client with a highly trained dog if the dog will not follow commands from anyone other than an experienced dog handler. So you will find our dogs are so easy to handle that even a child can give our dogs instruction and the dog would happily respond. A Chaperone K9 dog that has been through a rigorous 12 month plus training programme is taught how to protect their family members from personal attack. The training programme allows our dogs to recognise and deal with a multitude of threats, including but not limited to, home invasion, road rage, personal attacks on you and your family and robbery. A Chaperone K9 is a Personal Protection dog and NOT a weapon. Our dogs are only trained for the purposes of self-defence. Initially a Chaperone K9 is trained to warn off any potential threat/assailant. Once given a command your dog will spring into action with an initial display of aggression. Your dog will bark consistently at the threat and will not leave your side. As we offer different levels of dog this can either be done completely on lead or off lead. If there are multiple assailants your Chaperone K9 will position itself between you and the attackers always keeping between you and the threat whilst continually barking at the assailants to keep them at bay. If the assailant continues with their attack your Chaperone K9 is taught, on command, to neutralise the perpetrator and will bite and hold the attacker until you command the dog to release them. A Chaperone K9 is also taught to disarm an assailant carrying a weapon, your chaperone K9 will target the arm that the weapon is in to neutralise the threat. Again upon command your Chaperone will release the assailant immediately and continue to hold them at bay until you instruct the dog that the threat is over. As soon as the assailant has left the scene then your Chaperone K9 will revert back to being a social and friendly companion. At Chaperone K9 we specialise in providing the best dog for the client requirement. The majority of the dogs we provide are either German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois. These breeds of dog are extremely capable in personal protection, have great temperaments and are also very easy for our clients to handle. This is extremely important because we train the Chaperone K9 dogs to obey without question the client. If a Client doesn’t find what they are looking for on our site we regularly work with them to go and source the exact dog and breed for their particular requirements and to date we have provided top flight Personal protection dogs in the form of; Cane Corso’s, Rottweiler’s, Dobermans and Giant Schnauzers.