Family Protection Dogs

At Chaperone K9 we provide an extensive matching service to help you find the right protection dog for the needs of your family

Residential Dog Training

We provide comprehensive in-house training programmes for all dogs from our excellent indoor and outdoor training facilities

Meeting our Customers Needs

At Chaperone K9 our client types range from small families through to premiership football players, catering for any requirement.

Chaperone K9 Ltd

Chaperone K9 Ltd ® is a professional dog training company that is completely unique in the market place. We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Expertly trained personal protection and family protection dogs,
  • Residential dog training courses that can be fully tailored to your own requirements,
  • A fully trained dog as an obedient family pet for those looking for a loving companion.

Why Choose Our Personal Protection Dogs?

Chaperone K9 have built a strong reputation. We are renowned for supplying trained dogs to the very highest quality that offer both security and love to their new families in an often unpredictable society.

At Chaperone K9 we know the full history or all of our dogs only accepting those who have been bred from quality stock with a known family history. They re raised within a family home, ensuring sociability and confidence in all situations. We have truly bridged the gap between security dogs and family pets. We run a specialist in house training programme for a minimum of six months with a dedicated team of eight staff who expose the dogs to as many different experiences and environments so that they are fully prepared for all eventualities.

We have a broad range of clients with varying needs and we pride ourselves on being able to offer each a truly bespoke service which is supported by all of our client testimonials. We provide dogs to couples, families, people with disabilities, the elderly and those looking for additional security of larger estates.

Our client base also includes premiership footballers, international rugby players, pop stars and people working in high risk environments. We have supplied dogs all over the UK and Ireland, USA, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

We appreciate that buying a dog is a huge commitment, especially one that is fully trained to be loving family pet as well as a home protector. Consequently we work very closely with you from the initial meeting throughout the dog’s life.

The Chaperone K9 team love talking dogs so even if you would just like some friendly advice please feel free to contact us.


Customer Feedback

  • Fox is all we could want and more, he has made a firm bond with my son Orin who, to our surprise, has taken to walking him at every opportunity and their friendship has grew and grew. He is also great with my other two Children and the whole family love him.

    - Mr & Mrs Oliveti
  • We sent our Wolf Rocco to Chaperone K9 for boarding and a Residential Training Course as he was an absolute nightmare to walk and have around the house. We got back a new and improved version of our boy who is now able to be walked by all the family and is a pleasure to have around the home.

    - Rick Dowling
  • I know you are only a phone call away for any help or advice I need. I love the way you are both so interested after you have sold a dog, a lot of people wouldn’t be. The work you put into your dogs is amazing, I would recommend anyone to purchase a dog off you. Thanks again for selling me such a cracking dog. Lynn.

    - Lynn Griffin
  • 2 years on -Louis is great! He is a wonderful pet first. Brilliant with the children, and he comes on holiday to France with us every year. He never forgets the reason we bought him and understand his role. When strangers turns up at our house he is very noisy and quite unwelcoming -that’s the way we like it

    - Harris Family